Coaching Our Youth


Rebuilding A Foundation For At Risk Young Men Everywhere

  • We will not be holding a camp in 2017.

Using sports as a platform and teaching tool, we’re helping at risk adolescent males take control of their lives’ by giving them the tools they need to build a foundation to lead successful lives.

The program model is based off of three pillars of success: Life Skills, Education and Physical Fitness. The Life Skills taught to the campers (like leadership, self-confidence, team work and goal setting) are taught through the platform of physical fitness. The physical fitness component is structured after the NFL training model (does not involve tackling or blocking).

Six days a week (Monday thru Saturday), our campers spend several hours a day engaged in outdoor activities. Op C.O.Y. uses physical activity to help reshape bodies and, more importantly, reshape minds. On Sundays, campers will have leisure time and will engage in less vigorous activities.

  • It is a highly structured camp accompanied by a high level of supervision. Campers are supervised by a staff member 24/7.
  • Activities include: hiking, flag football, basketball and horse shoes. Some of these will be led by Granite Ridge Camp staff. (Horseback riding, swimming and canoeing are tentative.)
  • There is collaboration between the Coaches and campers. The Coaches establish a relationship with the campers to serve as mentors as well as Coaches and guide the campers in learning life skills that are taught via camp activities.
  • It is interactive and requires the campers to engage in physical fitness and a variety of outdoor activities as well as completing written material that relates to these activities.
  • It has an academic component that is designed to help youth enhance their study skills. Topics such as learning styles, time management and notetaking will be addressed.
  • The camp will also include presentations by experts in the area of conflict resolution, money management, and job search skills.
  • The camp will be staffed by individuals pursuing degrees in Kinesiology, Recreation Administration, Social Science, Psychology, or related fields along with backgrounds in high school or collegiate sports. All staff members complete 16 hours of training prior to the start of camp to make certain they are prepared to properly supervise and mentor our campers.

  • Leadership
  • Decision-Making
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Confidence
  • Communication
  • Study Skills Enhancement
  • Academic Advising upon Request
  • Cardiovascular/Aerobic Exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Stretching
  • Athletic Competition
  • Nutrition

Mentorship Makes A Difference

Everyone needs someone they can look to for guidance and support. Young adults who have mentors in their lives are 52% less likely to ditch school, 46% less likely to do drugs and 27% less likely to drink. Op C.O.Y. is mentoring young men at risk to put them on a path to success.

With An A+ Recidivism Rate, Op C.O.Y. is making a difference!

Learn more about how you can help us help young men at risk by calling 805-592-2990 or contacting us here.